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[Fix] Windows 11 Running Slow – Speed Up Windows 11 Operating System

Windows 10/ 11 is Microsoft’s bottommost operating system, It’s indeed a major release of the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft. There are a number of reasons for Windows 11 running slowly, below are some results to fix Windows 11 Running Slow.

Speed Up Windows 11 Operating System

5 Best Ways to Fix Windows 10/11 Running Slow

Simple and easy steps to speed up your Windows 11 PC when Windows 11 Running Slow

Disable Startup Programs

There are chances of several unwanted programs or applications can be to reduce the load time in your Windows PC.

  • Press the ” Ctrl Shift Esc ” keys together and open the ” Task Manager ”.
  • Select ” Startup” tab and click on the operation that you want to disable and handpick on the ” Disable ” button

Disable Fast Start Up

The New option in windows 11 operating system has erected- in Turn on Fast startup function, which enhance the boot-up speed of your PC or system.

You can disable it

  • Open control Panel
  • Select Hardware and Sound option and select the ” Power Option. ”
  • Choose what the power button does option
  • Incase if you see Turn on fast startup is enabled, uncheck the box to turn it off.

Update Graphics drivers to fix Windows 10 Running Slow

Some time an outdated graphics card driver on your PC or laptop can also lead to the issue of windows 11 slow performance, Its advised to keep the graphics driver updated. (Discuss with experts to know how to update the graphic card drivers)

How to update graphic card.

  • Open device manager from control panel
  • In device manager and double- click on the ” Display adapters ” option.
  • Right- click on the graphics card you ’re running on your PC or laptop

Check for virus or adware or malware running in the PC

Regularly run antivirus scan, defender scan and spyware scan on the PC, since you keep browsing online, lot of unwanted cookies
and cache will get into PC or downloading programs and file or unwanted spam emails with attachment etc download on the PC. Scanning PC everyday will keep the system down from risks.

  • Check for sfc scan
  • Right click windows start button
  • Select Terminal( Admin)
  • Type in sfc/ scan now and press enter, stay till scan completes.

SFC scan

Still you facing the windows 11 running slow issue and you want to Speed Up Windows 11 Operating System,

Reset windows 11

1. Select Start> Settings> System> Recovery. Open Recovery settings.
2. Next to Reset this PC, handpick Reset PC.

In Conclusion,

Still, also we suggest you to choose a Microsoft Chat Support Team from us to help you better, If you have problem in following this methods.

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