Chat support services are our specialization. We have chat agents who can provide help in different languages. Having chat support can eradicate language and accent barriers and can reach out Global support.


Ondemand voice support is also our specialization. It is provided to our premium clients who subscribe for our support services. We provide on request phone support as required by the clients for typical issues where in the user cannot access chat support.


Documents related

Office related product support is our advantageous program. We believe Office products are priority applications and are required for important purposes. It is very much necessary to foresee these programs work fine without any issues. Hence we trained our experts to deal with all the office related products.

Email related

Emails are the source of communication through computers. We need to organize the emails, address book and attachments into respective folders to fetch them easily. There we should also maintain backups as and when needed. All this kind of assistance is our specialization.


Software Updates are preliminary functions to check for the latest versions of the programs. It is regarded that these updates are more important to work fully with the installed base operating system. Windows updates and Office updates should be up to date to have the full security updates.


Good tech is not easy to learn but best tech is easy to find. We started our services back in 2014 as Live Assist Technical Support Services and started providing guaranteed Assistance programs to all our happy clients. These programs save the time and money specifically compared to any other agency. We have resolved challenged issues in the industry.