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Every second person interacts with Microsoft services daily. Office, Windows, Surface, PowerPoint, and other products developed by this global corporation became household names in the digital world and for a reason. They help users organize and simplify their workflow, ensuring a smooth experience. And while no learning curve is required to enjoy the full spectrum of Microsoft services functionality, most users still seek professional assistance to troubleshoot the occurred errors. And here's when Live Assist technical support comes into play. We are passionate about assisting people with any MS-related issues. Be it difficulties related to browser compatibility, performance, access, information lost, or everything in between, we've got you covered. The hand-picked team of Live Assist experts spares no effort to find the right solutions for the most challenging tasks, saving you the bother of figuring out everything by themselves. Thanks to the actionable tips and guidelines given by our dedicated Microsoft Office support, your user experience with MS services will be nothing but a pleasure. Have any trouble running the Outlook newsletter or want to install the freshest Windows on your PC, request Live Assist support. We'll tackle any of your issues while you can focus on core operations.

Why count on our Microsoft Office technical support?

Are you racking your brains on how to get your Office 365 back to normal running? Rely on our tech-savvy support specialists to turn the following to your advantage: Comprehensive support - both voice and chat Here at Live Assist, we go beyond regular chat support services. If you feel comfortable discussing your issues via phone, our specialist will contact you at your convenience. For clients who are non-native English speakers, we recommend leveraging our chat assistance opportunities that cover multiple languages. Extended expertise Live Assist team comprises Level 3 support pros who know all the ins and outs of Microsoft software. Their experience in troubleshooting MS-related issues is tremendous that guarantees quick and efficient request addressing. Quick demand processing Our online tech support always provides timely assistance as they handle your requests without forwarding them to third-party specialists. This way, we save a great deal of time, addressing your issues right off the bet. Guidance on working MS software Our website is brimming with complete and actionable guides on troubleshooting MS-related issues. So, if you've encountered a problem that does not require a tech support service, you can draw valuable insights from our content.

Windows technical support that works

The truth is no technology or software can run without flaws, even if it is good old Microsoft. Not to hinder your efficiency while working with MS software, you should have a reliable tech support service by your side. Our dedicated experts won't let software bugs affect your business processes, keeping everything under control. Whether you stumble upon technical issues like failing to launch Windows or recovering a damaged file, leave it to Live Assist, and you won't regret your decision. Feel free to send us your requests at or get in touch with us via the online contact form on a site.


Chat support services are our specialization. We have chat agents who can provide help in different languages. Having chat support can eradicate language and accent barriers and can reach out Global support.


Ondemand voice support is also our specialization. It is provided to our premium clients who subscribe for our support services. We provide on request phone support as required by the clients for typical issues where in the user cannot access chat support.



Good tech is not easy to learn but best tech is easy to find. We started our services back in 2014 as Live Assist Technical Support Services and started providing guaranteed Assistance programs to all our happy clients. These programs save the time and money specifically compared to any other agency. We have resolved challenged issues in the industry.