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Antivirus Guard – Complete Details – Support

Antivirus Guard (AVG) is an internet security and anti-virus software for FreeBSD, Linux OS, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows and computing platforms. This software is created by AVG technologies, a company based out of the Czech Republic.

Antivirus Guard Overview:

Used by almost 128 million people around the globe, it is known to effectively protect data and systems. So the license to this software was eventually sell in Germany and UK and was also introduce in US in the year 1998.

There are lots of threats and viruses while using the internet and other external data sources. To maintain the sanctity of the current data, one needs to keep the system protected. Because to avoid any loss or corruption of data it is vital to keep it intact and protected.

AVG is a solution to this problem. One can maintain security in the system by using this anti-virus software. AVG uses the latest technology which is develop by world-renew security experts. It provides real time defense to real time threats. 

Then after whenever there is a new threat, a definition is send across to the entire network in a way that the user’s computer is fortify and is ready to overcome the budding malware.

AVG brings together Anti Virus, Anti-Rootkit, Security Toolbar, Firewall, Anti-Spyware, Web Shield, Identity Protection and System, Tools protection components and anti-spam.

It also has the capability to provide protection for workstations and file servers, email servers and Microsoft Share Point servers. Along with this protection it also e-mail based protection.

Virus Protection:

AVG appaers in common functions available in modern anti-virus and internet security programs. That includes scans of emails-both sent and  received along with periodic scan.

But It has the ability to repair few virus infected files, and a a quarantine area-where all the infect files are held. Therefore it is essential to note that AVG’s core concern is protection and security.

Then it has to maintain privacy of users. After that this is applicable to all the products paid and unpaid ones.

At times, users find it difficult to install and run the anti-virus on the system. Users might find it difficult to understand its usability and timely updation. At such instances they need a service support who can guide and assist them. Live assist can provide solution to all such problems. It can be a perfect channel  to resolve AVG related esquires.


Live assist can provide AVG support through a team of experts and professionals. Services we offer :

  • Setting up and configuring AVG software
  • Assisting in its processing of removing threats effectively
  • Helping in optimizing the use of AVG in safeguarding computer from hackers and malicious programs
  • Guiding in un-installing the software for installing a new one
  • Facilitating in regular scanning
  • Helping in regular updates and installing new versions
  • Fine-tuning of existing version on AVG.
  • Educating for staying safe in the future
  • Guiding step-by-step in scanning the entire system
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