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How To Solve “OneDrive Keep Crashing”

OneDrive Microsoft Support: Is a cloud application provided for Microsoft account users to store their personal data. Microsoft Cloud storage size varies based on the type of subscription.

Any Microsoft Account will have a default of 5GB storage available and it can be extended up through the premium office 365 subscriptions.

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The main purpose of One drive is to store the personal files on cloud to avoid loss of date due to the crashing of the computers.

What if One Drive crashes and it won’t open? There are cases where one drive keeps crashing will not finish startup due to the inconsistencies on the health of Windows files or stopped windows services.

Troubleshooting OneDrive Crash Related Issues:

Uninstall and reinstall the one drive app and re-login to the account to continue using the One drive. It is an easy fix to resolve one drive crashing related issues. If you still get the same error messages, try to restore the computer to an earlier point when one drive was working fine.

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Onedrive can sometimes act weirdly due to the syncing problems. Onedrive content may not show you up the same on both the computer and online due to the failure of communication.

Issues to One Drive Crash

Onedrive may crash due to the third-party antivirus and other incompatible programs on your computer. In order to fix it, you need to apply exceptions to allow the program. Check if onedrive, office 365 and windows are updated.

One Drive keeps crashing and the other issue types like crashing at startup, not working, One Drive not syncing, installation failure or if you want to know how to use, we encourage you to chat with us to get the support.

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Microsoft Experts Support:

We can advise you the procedure with use of onedrive and the syncing process and eliminating onedrive duplicate files, note that there are conditions applicable to get the onedrive premium support. For assistance, ask our experts on chat.

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