Windows update help and support

Windows updates are the important releases by the manufacturer for the products. There will be weekly updates released and the installation takes places after the download.

Windows 10 updates procedure:

Windows 10 updates are found under the settings option. One should click on the start button to access the settings option and you can find “update and security”.  In the traditional classic windows operating systems, you can find the windows updates under control panel.

How to pause Windows updates?

There are reasons why the client would like to pause the updates to continue their work. There will be internet usage with the installation of windows updates. Windows 10 provided you the pause option on the screen itself.

Any major updates would request the user to approve to download them. As the major updates are meant for the changes in versions and the size of this update file is also big to download. That can cause delay in the internet and also cause the loss of work if you restart.

Are the Windows updates important?

Certainly, the windows updates are much important to protect your windows computer from security threats and ease your work. They can have most latest changes released as patches to the old ones and that should get new features with in your computer. For example, there is a windows 10 without the printer features and in the next releases, they have added it.

How to restore old Windws 10 versions?

It is a technical thing to do it. If you decide to do that procedure, you should always store the ISO File on your computer for the current version. If it  is available, then you can install it from the scratch and the windows turns to the old version. Without the old ISO file, you cannot revert back. The ISO file is like your Recovery Image.

Incase, if you had any other images stored, you can try them to restore to the old versions.


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