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If there are software products and services you can rely on, they carry a Microsoft logo behind them. Still, no program is immune to crashes, access issues, and performance bugs. But if they happen, they don’t have to derail your business processes or jeopardize your home projects. Request Microsoft chat support with Live Assist, and our specialists will find a way to tackle any issue you may encounter before it weighs down on your work. We know everything about Windows, MS Office, and what makes up its all-encompassing suite. Have you been caught off guard by a blue screen error in your latest operating system? Or does it look like your Outlook has gone south? Open a Microsoft customer service chat right on this page to get answers, workarounds, and guidance to have your programs back up and running. Besides, we can advise you on the Office and Windows versions that meet your productivity needs best. Send a message to Live Assist to make sure you’re signing up for the right MS products without overpaying for the features you will never use.


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Level 3 Windows and MS Office support

There’s no MS problem that falls beyond Live Assist’s capabilities. When you chat with us, you’re talking to Level 3 support specialists who have spent years learning Microsoft products and troubleshooting issues with them. That’s why we can handle any problem without calling upon third-party assistance, be it a technical code bug or a user-level glitch. This is what sets Live Assist apart from the Microsoft Help chat on Microsoft’s website. Once you describe your issue to our specialists, we can get down to addressing it right off the bat.

It’s never forwarded to a higher-level support operator as all our team members are qualified enough to provide an immediate response.

Microsoft support live to chat with no language barriers

Microsoft is global, and so is Live Assist. Whether your operating system has crashed or you can’t make heads or tails out of Office 365 installation, you can chat with us to get timely help, regardless of where you are in the world talk to Windows and MS Office support specialists in English or other major languages opt for assistance over the phone if a chat conversation doesn’t work for you receive guidance on the problems that have nothing to do with MS products

Easily fix it on your own

Most MS-related issues do not require strenuous effort. And if what you’re facing can be fixed without hiring technicians, we will help you troubleshoot it. Live Assist can provide self-servicing information and guidance for MS software so that you can remedy those error codes and other issues on your own. We can also help with installation and configuration tasks via our live Microsoft Office support chat. Let us know what MS product or service you want to set up, and our technical specialists will walk you through it. Stumbled into an issue? Get the best solution with Live Assist!

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