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How to Print Email?

Printing Email: If you are willing to take a Print of an E mail. You will need to select the File option and then Select Print then you will get print and knowledge for printing email.

Steps By Step Procedure For Printing Email?

Alternatively you can open an email and press CTRL+ P buttons together. This will bring the Print window on the top.

You can use the drop down menu and select the configured Printers and then select Print.

How to print an email?

You can select the name of the Printer using the drop down  button available as shown on this window.

Make sure the Printer is configured. If there is any specific problem in printing an Email.

If you are trying to Print Outlook.com Email or any Print from your Web Browser.

Follow the below steps:

  1. Try to change your Web browser and then try to take the Print.
  2. Outdated printer drivers can cause problems when printing from Internet Explorer
  3. If you are unable to Print PDF, then try not to use the Creative Commons Symbols.
  4. Printing from Google Chrome Shows you an option to change your Printer.
  5. Change or Modify your Active Printer.
  6. If you have Problems Printing Webpages like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, try to restart the Browser and try again.

Steps to follow:

  • Enable Printer at the startup if  you find it is not coming up when you start the Computer.
  • Make sure the Print Spooler service is Running.
  • Check the printer icon is enabled when you connect your printer through a USB wire.
  • If the printer is configured through Wifi, try to check if the printer is Powered ON and the Wifi button on the Printer is ON.

If the issue is still not resolved, get it diagnosed with our Remote Technical Experts and sort it out.