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[Fixed] How to Resolve Missing Emails on Outlook

Missing Emails on Outlook:

What is outlook application? Outlook basically deals storing and saving emails on cloud from ones web account. It also helps in organizing ones emails and records. So while sorting out users may feel that some of their emails have go missing or there are simply unable to access them when need. It occurs commonly when the user is new or simple not aware of the usage of outlook.

Configuration on outlook for sending and receiving emails is such that it can save ones address book. Tasks save and schedule. And reminder as well as storing emails that are access on web mail. Outlook sometimes miss configure among settings and may not success in sending and receiving emails accurately.

Two main protocols being follow by emails general configurations are IMOP and POP3

  1. IMAP indicates that if outgoing or incoming emails will be directly synchronize with web mail and outlook. So does deleting / modifying or altering a mails and settings effects similarly.
  2. POP3 functions independently regardless of emails being delete on outlook. You still will be able to access them on web mail or also will be unable to make any further changes. There are few features which allows you to delete settings in web mail when received from outlook.

In case you are still facing you can contact Microsoft office support groups and get it figured through chat email and live assistance.

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And I am sure any disaster that would have happened for few are due to their system hardware dependencies. An old computer which got upgraded from XP to 10 or 7 to 10 is certainly not compatible with these programs. It is just a fluke to get such issues as 1 in 100.

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