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[Solved] How to Fix Office Error Code 1073741790-11

Error Code 1073741790-11 : While downloading windows updates or downloading  windows in general you most probably would’ve come across Microsoft Live Assist error code 1073741790-11, most commonly occurring in almost all the latest versions of windows i.e. 10,8,8.1 and 7.

This maybe be due disrupted connectivity of networks (bad weather heavy traffic of users), or because of secured network connections  being used due to privacy issues.

Solutions for Error Code 1073741790-11 :

Characteristically, before completion of previous downloading updates setting another update maybe of this Microsoft live assist error  Code 1073741790-11.unplugging power or restarting before 100% completion of running update may also cause Error Code 1073741790-11 to show up.

Troubleshooting Microsoft live Error Code 1073741790-11:

It consist of following steps in order to trouble shoot Error Code 1073741790-11 in Windows 10:

Following home screen, find control Panel in Local Disk: C (basic internal storage for all the inbuilt programs.

  • Right click on Microsoft office programs will show up option to change, repair or uninstall.
  • Choose Wisely as per your convenience.
  • Online Repair > Repair
  • “Change” Microsoft live Assist Error Code 1073741790-11

The following must resolve your problem and get your Office Working, if you still face any Problem You must contact Microsoft live Assist support online chat.

For windows 8, 8.1 and 7, you can follow the similar process:

1.) Following Control Panel go to Programs, Find Programs and Features.
2.) Followed by Online repair or Changing Microsoft live Error Code 1073741790-11

Problem is Still Not Solved?

Unable to find option of “online Repair”? Uninstall Microsoft Office 2013 or 365
and then reinstall. You must be able to use new Mycroft office 2019.
Still Need Help?

Try to get rid of proxy settings by following below mentioned instructions:

  • Open internet provider i.e. Google Chrome or Internet Explorer Click on Tools drop down menu and find Internet options.
  • Connections > LAN settings. Disable proxy server and use local Area Network.
  • Hidden Proxy Settings are also there which maybe hindering efficiency of Microsoft office live and this error shows up, disabling anti viruses apps and programs may get you free of proxy settings.


In order to repair window update services with advanced techniques of command-line arguments a person should be well equipped with shortcuts of the command line and user’s administrative rights of the computer.

General key to update Microsoft Services Update:

  • Right Click command box as an “Administrator”.
  • Local disk C > Windows
  • Name the existing Software distribution folder old one, for better results discontinue updating services.
    By entering the command line “net stop wuauserv” you may be able to stop the update.
  • You can now rename this software distributor the former name. Then continue windows update services. Now
  • Entering the same command “net start wuauserv” and track updates now.

If you are not able to retreat software updates then the final step will consist of following guidelines to repair Operating System of Windows.

Command line which facilitates this process is known as SFC scan to fix this Microsoft live Assist Error Code 1073741790-11.

  • Firstly, Just like previously open command box as an “administrator”.
  • Secondly, Then type “SFC /SCANNOW” and press the enter button.
  • Moreover, This will Result in Either of the two results, either a complete solution to Microsoft update OR it may indicate corrupted windows.

In Conclusion :

In the later scenario you should definitely reinstall windows operating systems. They also provide you with the option to backup data to save you from losing your personal files.

Post Script: if you are not able to perform the above mentioned process you can always log in with Microsoft support chat box and they may help you getting it successfully done in matter of minutes.

Error Code 1073741790-11

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