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Error code 30145-16

Error code 30145-16 Support

Office error code 30145-16 appears when there is a previous office program already there on the computer.

error code 30145-16
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The reasons behind this error code 30145-16 is due to the leftover old office program files on the computer. If this is removed and still getting the same office error, it is required to do the following steps.

Perform a system file scan using sfc scannow command through command prompt administrator privileges:

 If there are any corrupted files found with respect to the above scan process, then the issue is pertaining to the windows health.  Requires a repair of windows operating system with the help of the source disk.

Existence of temporary or junk files is one of the issues can cause error code 30145-16:

Run a system disk cleanup utility from the disk properties and also use a manual way of deleting the internet cookies and try to reinstall the office program.

Internet connection related issues with the office server during the installation:

 For the installation going through the click-to-run version of office setup, it requires uninterrupted internet connection. If you have an intermittent network, turn out to use the ISO file.

error code 30145-16
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If there is any office update failure can also cause this error code 30145-16. Usual Office errors can also cause due to the recently installed third party programs on the computer. It is required to restore the computer to an earlier date when it was working fine to fix. If the system restore also fails to work, the solution is to repair it online or uninstall and reinstall. If all the above mentioned steps are done and still getting the same error code 30145-16, it is required to get the computer diagnosed with an expert.

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