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[Fixed] How To Fix Error Code 3-1 Solution

Support for Error Code 3-1: Office 2013 failed to work to install office due to Corrupt Office installation, Firewall, Anti-virus program or internet connectivity.

How To Fix Error Code 3-1 Solution
office error 3-1 support

Solutions For Error Code 3-1:

To fix this issue, you can reinstall the office program by removing the old office folders on the C:\ProgramFiles\

In case if you have Windows 32-bit Operating system, we have to remove the folders.

As per the investigations, we understand this error code 3-1 happens due to the following reasons.

Corrupt Office installation, Firewall, Anti-virus program or internet connectivity.e office or office15 folders from the directory.

Corrupt Office installation may happen if the Setup file is directly run from the web browser.

The solution is to download the setup file to your local computer and then run it as an administrator

Firewall issues restrict the online installations as the local computer attempts to talk to the outside network.

The solution is to turn off or allow the program through the firewall which can be done through the control panel.

Internet connectivity is not reliable or may be there can be many packets loss on the network which can detected using PING Commands.

Antivirus programs will ask the user to allow the program to run on your computer if it is a new one.

So if the program is not trust by the user. It will move the file into Vault where it will not allow the program to install on your computer.

The Solution is to disable Antivirus in such cases.

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