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[Fix] How To Fix Error Code 1084-4

Error Code 1084-4 Issues: The error code 1084-4 can be displayed while repairing an Office Program when there are no receptive files are not available to repair.

The Office 365 is a click to run based program having all the files on Local disk C drive (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office 15)after  Installation.

How To Fix Error Code 1084-4
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Solutions For Error code 1084-4:

Reason: The main reason for this error code is mainly due to the missing program from your computer. There are cases with the user who had attempted for an unintended deletion.

Error code 1084-4 Support
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There are many reasons for errors on an office program. It can be due to the manually delete system files as explain or if this is not the case, there are chances of Virus infections. Similarly automate malware programs on your computer which may delete the Office 365 program files from your computer.

The missing files from the root directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office15 will not delete Microsoft Office 365 program from your Installed Programs list under Programs and Features.

The missing office files and folders will not allow to completely uninstall the program.

It is required to attempt a manual troubleshooting as required to delete the corrupted files from your computer.

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