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How to solve Error Code 30175-4 with office program?

In somecases, you may encounter this error code 30175-4 on office programs. We have to repair the corrupted registry files and reinstall office program. The steps to solve this office installation error are explained.

Solution for error code 30175-4:

Fix the office error code 30175-4 using this article. This is an installation time error message that can interrupt the system processes. We have analyzed there are non-working system services. If you try the installation without clearing an old program, it may lead you to get this error code 30175-4. To resolve the issue, you can follow the below mentioned repair steps:-

Disclaimers: It is always preferrable to create a system restore point and back up your data before you attempt to fix this error code 30175-4. Usually, you not require to remove everything though it is safe to have all the backup.

Also, you can save any unsaved documents, backup email settings and folders, spreadsheets, and any other office related things you feel important.
(In case if you not sure how to back up, consult our Experts for assistance)

 error code 30175-4 (19)
Error code 30175-4

Issue Type: Error Code 30175-4

When office program cannot open and gives you an error code 1058-4, the repair steps also show random error messages like error code 30175-4 (19) if you try to repair or uninstall.
We have created some troubleshooting steps like disk cleanup, system file scan and also driver updates below.
First, let us start with a disk clean up, it means we will remove the old office installation traces from your computer including temporary files.

How to do a disk-cleanup:-

Method-1 Creating shortcut

1. Right-click on your computer home screen, Go to “new” in the list and select “Shortcut “.
Disc clean up short cut
Disk clean up
2. Click on start and you can type cleanup under cortana search to list out the disk cleaning programs.

disc cleanup short cut creations
Disc cleanup crations
3. A shortcut will appear on desktop screen with this name CLEANMGR. (Normally Software gets installed on DRIVE:C which is default here).
disc cleanup files selection Disc cleanup file
4. Request you to check all the listed folders and run the cleanup.

Disk-cleanup utility is a windows based default cleaning program that helps you to clear the junk from the local drive partitions individually. You need to clean them to solve this error code 30175-4.



1. On the Left Navigation pane of the file explorer as well, you can find these drives.
disc cleanup drives window
Disc cleanup drivers
2. When you open the primary drive properties where windows operating system is installed, you can tap on the cleanup button.
disc cleanup C drive
Disc cleanup
3. Choose an option for disk cleanup and follow the on screen instructions mentioned above.
NOTIE: After all the above steps, you can try to delete the leftovers with the names Microsoft Office in your primary drive. Restart your computer once if you are unable to delete them.

It takes some time if the computer has too many junk files to clean up.

If you have an ongoing issue with error code 30175-4 , we have to investigate and fix the issue on your computer.
Some of the FAQ’s
1. Do you have multipe versions of office?

You should uninstall them before you proceed with the cleanup.

2 Is the client computer communicating with Office servers?

Nslookup office365.com is a simple command line that returns the server name if it is working.


The server name should not show you as unknown.

3. If the server name is shown as unknown, restart your router or the modem and execute the same steps again.

4. If the server check passes correctly, then use the other setup file which is related to 64 bit from advanced steps under the office setup file.

5. If the error code, still appears after the installation, attempt to repair the office programs.

6. If the Office repair fails again with some error, a reinstallation of the office is required.

7. If the Office repair succeeds and you still see the same error code, then perform a system file scan on your windows using the following steps.

You can perform a system file scan process on a command prompt window with administrative rights.

How to do an SFC Scan:-

1. Click on the start button and type “cmd”
2. Open “Command prompt window” and type “SFC/SCANNOW” PRESS enter button,

SFS scan cmd
3. The scanning process start and this process takes sometime to finish. Please wait until it gives results.

SFC Scan works
SFC SCan process allows you to discharge any temporary systme file corruptions. Definitely, this will help you the best to solve all the system file corruptions.
If the computer says there are no integrity violations found, then you can try to reinstall the program .
If that fails to work, it requires to repair the Windows operating system.
It is also found that Windows will scan very slowly and may show you a sluggishness while opening the events on your computer.
It is also recommended to run the windows updates regularly, make sure it is set to automatic updates. Otherwise manually install the updates from your end. The windows 10 updates will download the latest drivers for your computer hardware irrespective of brand or the manufacturer.


All the driver updates for windows 10 are sent along with Windows 10 updates only.
If you would like to take the support through our channel, feel free to initiate a chat with us or send an email on support@liveassisttech.com with the complete error information appended with the computer make and model, office or windows operating system versions and the best time to reach you for the support.
LiveAssist Tech provides all the solutions for windows, office and outlook related issues. As a result, you can do the basic troubleshooting to maintain the health of your computer.
In Conclusion,
You can also ask for System Repair Image support or some Recovery help, we also restore your computer to a point when it was working fine without any issues.
Feel free to chat with us for any support. Free assistance can be provided for all the basic troubleshooting without any additional resources.
error code 30175-4 (19)
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