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Error Code 10106-4 While Installing Office 2013 / 365

Observations for Error Code: This Error Code 10106-4 may cause due to Anti-Virus issues. The Antivirus program may not be working on your computer. Try to update the Anti-Virus definition and scan your computer.

Solution for Error Code 10106-4 :

  • Try to update the Anti Virus definition and scan your computer.
  • Remove the temporary files from your computer using Disk Cleanup.
  • Now try to install office.
  • In case if it does not work,
  • Try disabling the anti-virus and try to install office.

Reference :

In order to keep your computer safe, you need to do more than installing an anti-virus program.
It is crucial to update your antivirus software frequently to make sure that it has all of the information it needs to fight the most recent threats.

If the Issue ( Error Code 10106-4 ) Persists After Installing the Office 2013/365

There might be an issue with the system registry key settings or configuration files may be corrupted.

It is strongly recommended to have a check on your computer by the technical expert, in order to protect your system files and setting.

error code 10106-4
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