Office installation support

Looking for Office installation support? Sure, let’s head into the requirements of office installation.

Microsoft Office product is available in different versions.  The installation requires a product key and a valid Microsoft Account with the product.

Steps to install Microsoft Office: the link

2. enter the product key

3.continue with the setup and you will find the install option.


Reinstallation of Microsoft Office procedure:

If your product is previously installed, you can visit your Microsoft account here. Signin and install the product available. Activation is done when you sign in with a valid account.

Uninstallation of Microsoft Office:

At times, we require to uninstall office if you are following this reinstallation procedures. This involves your computer software dependencies and the previous office application cleanup. Office software  installs program folders into the windows directories. These folders are under program files in 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

We also see it under common files under Microsoft Shared files. All this needs to be removed if there are any kind of issues found with the installation. The registry requires tuneup if there is any leftovers after clear uninstallation of Microsoft Office.

Office installation for Home users:

We are here to assist the office product installation setup. There used to be limited free support by the manufacturer. If you are looking for the extended support  to continue the services, you can chat to the technicians available on this page.

Office installation suport for corporate user:

If your office product is given by your company and the login credentials for accessing the office product setup file is not available with you, you must contact your IT Support team at work. If there is no assistance found, you can still raise a flag for support with us, we are here to assist.

Office installation for students:

Office home and student or office 365 given by universities generally have their products linked to your student prortals. You can access them from there and complete the office installation.